Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach used to actually be a fairly “Lonely Beach” but that has all changed in the last few years. Now many people come to Koh Chang just to stay here and the reasons are quite good. Lonely Beach is very laid back, pretty well a Bohemian meets Thailand, meets Jamaica kind of feel. Hugely popular with the Gap Year crowd and younger traveller, the resulting businesses that have sprung up here have catered to that. The beach is great and the farther north you go, the better it gets.

Lots of Internet, tattoo, bamboo resorts with lots of a rotating parties on the local club scene. Now there is a lot of competition between them all. But each one offers a slightly different party, but all include party buckets, beach music and a lot of dancing

Things are changing a bit over the last few years though for Lonely Beach and it could be slowly, slowly changing into a much more up-scale area in the years to come. There are few more upper end resorts now but the backpacker huts and lower cost bungalows are still doing a raving business here.

One caveat about Lonely Beach; If you are staying in the central area, take a look what clubs are around you and the noise level. Good or bad on that you can decide.