Pearl Beach & Chai Chet

Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach is just south of White Sands and although it is called Pearl Beach, there really is not a beach there. The argument going on is that it is named after a baby born there, the shape of the rocks at the shore or perhaps the fact oysters (and maybe pearls) might be found…take your pick.

The resorts are much quieter and generally speaking if you don’t want or need quick access to a beach this could be a very good choice to stay at. Actually quite good deals can be had for longer stays and with the addition of a scooter, no worries getting around. There are several good restaurants in the area and enough services to keep one happy.

Several good shops are here and the main post office. If you need something mailed or are looking for a cool stamp collection for someone back home, this is the place. The local Honda dealer can also service your scooter and of course the best used book store on Koh Chang called “Books Thailand” is just beside the Honda dealership, they have a great selection of books in quite a few languages. It is also part of the “White Sands Publications” that do a nice guide for the island in print form.

Chai Chet

North Chai Chet is the place to head to if you like small beer bars or need some gas. Actually the gas station is quite interesting, they offer both hand pump 1920s style pumps and full modern electric ones. You might wonder why 1920s style hand pumps? Then one day the power goes off and all you can get is hand pumped gas… then it makes perfect sense.

If you want to save a bit of money the best bet is to also get your gas here, or in Klong Prao and stop buying gas in bottles – all the bottles are filled here anyways and then marked up quite a bit..

As far as the beer bars go there are about 34, 30,28,31 in the area. The most impressive site is under the local radio/cell phone tower called the “Koh Chang Entertainment Complex” that used to be the local fish market, years and years ago. If you read Shakespeare then you might get the joke. Otherwise it is a mostly vacant hangar like facility with maybe two small beer bars at the front. But if beer bars are your thing, Chai Chet is the place for you…

The beer bars are open for some from early and until late.

Sorry to cover the bars so much but we always go from North to South in the guides. Just south of the bars is where the resorts and services actually start. V Mart is the biggest landmark that you will see with a bank on one side and side-road with two concrete elephants. Some very good restaurants are located down the road so please, take a look!

Just south of that is the newly renovated Coconut Plaza that has a few services with a handful of decent restaurants. A bit farther south you have the police block and then some good resorts in the area, a really nice beach with excellent sand in a wonderful bay. Not a bad place to spend a little while on your trip.